Pekalongan, One Day in Neutron

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

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Today is Sunday, and now I feel so sad,because Seli my friend cant go together with me to Neutron.

But it's ok for me to went alone with no friend to talk to, and I kept silent with no friends, waiting someone to came and talked something to me.

A girl permitted to me for borrowing my sharpener, and I gave it to her, then she said "Thank you ..." And I feel so relieved that she could talked with me, although just to borrowed my sharpener.

And she turned back my sharpener with no other word except "thanks"
Ok, it's too terrible.

Guess what, in this week, the schedule weekend program is English, wow I can show them my ability in english, I though ...

The teacher was so kind to me, she admire me, and asked some questions about my life and personality. She concluded that I really like english, I also asked her about her skill in speaking english and it is awesome.

She became from lovely city in Ciamis, West Java and studied in Yogyakarta. She always expected that she could talked with foreign to shown her skill in speaking, and now her wish became true, she can spoke with many foreign in Yogyakarta.

Her skill in speaking english completely like American people, talked fast and with polite language, truly she was an amazing teacher that I have ever know. And we were continued talking and share experiences of live.

However, I still remember one sentence that she said to me, "If you want to show your skill in speaking english, speak with some foreign, and believe yourself it's very important thing before you do that. We often feel fear if we want to speak with any foreign and about the grammar, but throw that feel, now you just believe and be brave to do it."

It really a magic word which out from her mouth, make my personality goes to the imagination, far away from my mind into the future that will happen to me, and now I can believe myself, I will fly away, far away and find my truly skill to the whole world.

Thank you Miss, you're the best teacher and first friend who will not forgot in my heart forever ...

ALDEKA K. M KUNCORO (author of Sound of Aida)

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